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Market Exploration


We help companies to bring their innovation to the market, using proven methods to quickly create a stream of profitable sales as possible. We identify and develop new routes-to-market, find new customers and we ensure our clients enter and expand into new markets successfully.

We identify and develop new routes-to-market, find new customers and we ensure our clients enter and expand into new markets successfully.

  • We identify new distributors and new customers and source local suppliers.

  • We validate and advance new and existing opportunities and enquiries to generate new revenue streams.

  • We manage the underlying risks of operating in a foreign country, delivering local business services to ensure our clients’ interests are served and protected at all times.



Europe is home to many outstanding businesses, from “hidden champions”, industrial companies dominating attractive niches, to luxury-brand businesses that benefit from heritage and provenance, and younger, disruptive, internet-enabled businesses. We believe that the best way to create sustainable and growing returns for shareholders is by investing in such innovative and adaptive businesses, regardless of geographical location or sector.  

Australia offers a wealth of investment opportunities in resources and energy; the circular economy; defence, advanced manufacturing and space; digital technologies; agribusiness and food; health; and infrastructure.

Albania is currently waiting for the opening of negotiations for the European Union accession. This means that the country made progress in key sectors such as the rule of law and the reform in the justice sector. Even though there is much to be done, Albania is paying special attention to potential investors. The most successful managers and entrepreneurs believe that if someone is able to know the key sectors that are the appropriate place to invest in and if they study carefully the market conditions of a country, they will succeed in every country they will invest in. Below we have listed some of the main sectors that could be profitable for any domestic or foreign investor.

From opening a company in London to finding your perfect office space, explore some of the essential steps to help you to set up and grow a business in the capital. Our team offers free advice to startups and established companies on expanding to London.

The Canadian confederation system of government and the country’s social norms offer a “European alternative” to the more unabashed capitalism of the USA. Canada offers European-style social benefits with fairly high levels of taxation and an unparalleled quality of life. Under the Canadian model, business immigrants can enjoy the benefits of a national health care program, affordable first-class education and a national pension system that provides measurable annual income upon retirement.

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