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Ayurvedic & Food Supplements

Ayurveda recognizes the wear and tear of the cells of the human body on a daily basis, and realizes that the best way to deal with this is by getting down to the bottom of the issues with its healing properties, instead of superficial solutions that the modern day tactics have to offer. With the knowledge of such an important and age-old science in mind, we set out to make old Ayurvedic methods become a part of one’s daily routine. The research which included looking at ancient texts, indigenous herbs and formulas, became the foundation of coming up with natural and sustainable products. This knowledge was interspersed with modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new drugs and therapies.

As a result of this detailed and insightful research, the company is proud to have extremely efficient products. Our best-selling product, ‘Dantavali Gum Massage Powder’ looks at the oral health of every individual, without keeping age in mind. Our products are safe and recommended to use on a daily basis without any side effects.

  • Dantavali Toothpaste

  • Dantavali Powder

  • Pilora

  • Other Products uploaded shortly...Coming Soon

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Dantavali Toothpaste & Gum Massage Powder

  • Complete Oral Care for Mouth Teeth & Gums

  • To Prevent and Improve Lock Jaws

  • Remove stains, spots & blemishes on the teeth due to tobacco or food.

  • Effective in swollen, spongy, gums, painful and bleeding gums & pyorrhea

  • Cares painful, Shaky and weak teeth.

  • Removes Bad Breath and keeps the mouth fresh & strong.

  • Heals tonsillitis, Mouth ulcers, Cleans germs in the dental cavity

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Dantavali – Pilora cure of piles

  • Pilora Ointment is made from selective herbs useful in all types of piles & very useful on fissures, bleeding, itching, pain & burning.

  • Accurate Solution for Piles.

  • Relives you from Itching, burning & trouble from sitting.

  • Healing without operation. 

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