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The “CRAB” Self Adjustable Multi Purpose Tool Is A Versatile 55-In-1 Tool For Toolbox, Glove Compartment Or Emergency Kit. This Professional Grade Tool Delivers Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting Reliability For A Wide Range Of Repair Tasks.



Shiv Shiva Exports, are exclusive marketing partner for CRAB tools. CRAB tools has been awarded in list of innovator tools by government of India in the year 2017.

First Time in world for operating with various nuts/bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Screws, and many more.

CRAB tools, uses high quality raw material alloy steel to maintain the quality standards of “Limited Life time warranty”.

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  • Precision-Action, Self Adjustable With Ratchet Actions Wrench

  • Bit Socket with Magnetic Lock Fits All Standard Bits With Ratchet Action

  • Slide-Out Steel Bits

  • Stainless Steel Knife Blades

  • Heavy-Duty, Long-Lasting Construction

CRAB 3.jpg


Click on the image to view the function of Crab - Multipurpose tools....

  1. Versatile 55-In-1 Tool For Toolbox

  2. Long-Lasting Reliability For A Wide Range Of Repair Tasks.

CRAB 5.jpg
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